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We deliver innovative technologies and the know-how to apply them in every market.

Features and Cool StuffIt’s not enough to boast a 99.9% uptime, a 98% client retention rate, and the only 24-hour every call answered support in the business ... We do the cool stuff, too.

You asked. We delivered ...

Mobile Ticketing & Delivery

Your branded ticketing site optimized for mobile. Search, find, buy and share. Barcodes sharable between smart phones.

Social Integration

Build your event just one time! Post it on your ticketing site, and push to Facebook automatically. Sharing before and after the sale. Facebook Ticketing brings your inventory to multiple fan pages.

On-Site Scanners

Scanning with an iPhone? No thanks! Our scanners last longer, don’t break when dropped, and are well, simply faster. Because they’re made for scanning. Duh.

Fan Club Presales / Memberships

Manage all your sales, including presales, from one central location.

Dynamic Pricing

Full control of your inventory and price levels. Change it with a click.


Like this, want that, too? You control the offers – recommend other events in the cart with custom messaging

Themed Performances

Get the info you need for classes, registrations, merchandise, races and more. Custom button text and full reports with performance data.

Custom Patron Records

You build the fields so you collect what’s important to you!

And that’s just this year’s stuff. Ready to see what else we have up our sleeves?

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What We Did for Tempe Center

The Challenge: Tempe Center for the Arts, home to Childsplay, needed to pre-sell packages of Playpasses for the season – and allow their young, internet-based audience to choose their seats online as they decided to go – even last minute.

The Solution: TicketForce’s membership program allows the buyers to pre-pay for Playpasses and select their seats at zero dollars online for any show. Plus, patrons can log in to see how many passes they have remaining throughout the season.

Cool stuff, huh?

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