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We are faster, smarter, and friendlier than our bigger, slower, and bureaucratic competitors.

Ticketing SoftwareWe aren’t just a ticketing software business. Our staff members are immersed in almost every aspect of the TicketForce agency. Our sales team, marketing personnel, and technology department sit in the same open office space as the operations staff. Ticket orders are taken, printed, fulfilled and events are set up and reconciled every day - right here.

Due to our daily immersion in ticketing operations, we provide insights to solve complex issues from our unique perspective – we understand ticketing. Every day, we use the same software and equipment that we provide to our clients as we also provide event management to hundreds of venues and promoters across 49 states and Canada.

Providing door sales for festivals and events with onsite support at many of our clients, such as the Red Bull Air Races and the Oregon State Fair, brings a level of knowledge unmatched by other “technology providers” who know little of the live event industry.

Get the technology AND the know-how you need to make ticketing work. That’s the TicketForce difference.

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Our People Make the Difference

Most ticketing companies simply sell technology; At TicketForce, you get a team of ticketing professionals working with you, every step of the way. And the only “Every call is answered” 24-hour support in the business.

Our staff is experienced in:

  • Event Management
  • Seat Map Configuration
  • Door Sales
  • Ticket Printers and Scanners
  • Box Office Sales
  • Event Reconciliation