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All the tools you need for successful event marketing, in one place.

Marketing Toolkit 23: An Introduction to Using Google Analytics and Custom Audiences on Facebook to Remarket

Are you looking for a way to reach patrons who have already shown interest in your organization and the events you have to offer? The opportunity to sell more tickets and gain more engagement from this audience is endless, and can be simple when the right tools are implemented. This toolkit will teach you how to use some of those tools, Google Analytics and Custom Audiences on Facebook to remarket to those exact patrons.

Marketing Toolkit 22: Using Snapchat to Sell More Tickets

Learn how to sell more tickets using Snapchat, a social media application that allows users to take a picture, called a "snap," that disappears between between one and ten seconds of the recipient opening it.

Marketing Toolkit 21: Twitter Ads

Twitter ads, much like Facebook ads, are paid advertisements that can be targeted to a specific audience on that particular social media outlet. Twitter ads are a great way to promote your organization on Twitter and accomplish a number of marketing goals, such as gain followers, increase reach, and improve your organization’s overall brand awareness. According to Hubspot.com, there are 42% of Twitter users following brands or organizations and with a statistic like that, Twitter ads are a no-brainer.

Marketing Toolkit 20: How to Expand Your Reach on Facebook and Sell More Tickets

In order for your posts to gain more exposure, your current posting strategy needs to be tweaked in order to follow Facebook’s new advertising regulations. In this toolkit, we go over some general ways to do so.

Marketing Toolkit 19: How to Use Email Blasts to Sell More Tickets

Email blasts are a marketing tactic that has been - and will continue to be - one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target audience. Email blasts are cost effective, require little time to set up, and help you reach your target audience by landing right in front of them - in their inbox.

Marketing Toolkit 18: Facebook Ads

Are you looking to grow your fan base and create buzz around your organization? If so, Facebook ads are the way to go! A Facebook ad is a digital ad that targets a select group of people on Facebook based on key demographics such as age, location, education, etc. Facebook also allows advertisers to target people based on interests they’ve expressed on Facebook through liking certain fan pages or listing interests on their personal profiles.

Marketing Toolkit 17: Utilizing Contests to Sell More Tickets

Social media contests are the latest and greatest way to engage with your organization’s fans and followers. By using an app, you can run a variety of contests ranging from sweepstakes to photo and video contests - all from a chosen social media outlet. If you can dream it, there’s an app to help you execute it!

Marketing Toolkit 16: Instagram Video

Instagram is a very popular social media app that allows users to add filters to photos. Initially, Instagram only allowed users to share photos, but with its most recent upgrade, users are now able to share up to 15 seconds of continuous or clipped video.

Marketing Toolkit 15: Foursquare

Foursquare is a mobile app that allows users to “check in” to places that they visit, similar to Facebook’s check-ins. When a user checks in to a place on Foursquare, they will be able to see if any of their friends are there (who have the Foursquare app), see recommendations, view special offers and much more!

Marketing Toolkit 14: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web reporting tool that provides users with detailed statistics about a website’s traffic. It allows you to see how many people visit your website, what pages they visit, where they come from, what page they exit from and much more! By paying close attention to five important reports and analyzing your results, you can determine what marketing efforts are working and what ones are not.

Marketing Toolkit 13: Text Campaigns

A text campaign is a marketing technique that allows you to reach your target audience via a cell phone. Similar to an email campaign, a text campaign allows you to send out a message to a select group of followers who "opt in" to receive text messages from you.

Marketing Toolkit 12: LinkedIn

Created as a resource for professional networking, LinkedIn helps professionals and business owners exchange information relevant to their industry. LinkedIn allows users to create a profile to showcase their work experience and skills - basically an online resume that all of their connections can see.

Marketing Toolkit 11: Instagram

Did you know that adding a photo to your social media post makes people 37% more likely to engage with your organization than when you only post text? Let's face it: people like to browse through photos, so why not create buzz for your organization by sharing your photos?

Marketing Toolkit 10: Business Listings

Now that you have made your website social, it is time to learn how to create business listings to increase your online presence. Billions of people use the Internet, and more and more people are relying on it for the most basic information. After completing our business listings toolkit, you'll be promoting your business in no time!

Marketing Toolkit 9: Using Pinterest To Sell Tickets

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where users create theme-based image collections such as interests and hobbies, where they can organize their pins. This social photo-sharing website allows users to browse other pinboards and "re-pin" images from them to their own boards and/or "like" certain photos.

Marketing Toolkit 8: Making Your Website Social

You have successfully built your company's website, you have mastered the ways of Facebook and conquered the dialect of Twitter. Now how can you utilize all three of these to boost your company's SEO and social visibility?

Marketing Toolkit 7: Broadcast Your Business

While it seems there are so many people that are camera shy, that isn't the case when it comes to YouTube. The video site is revolutionizing the phrase "15-minutes of fame," allowing users to post videos and clips of themselves, their friends, an event, and whatever else they can dream up. YouTube offers the opportunity for you to blow your fans and patrons out of the water by providing live footage from events and productions, as well as behind-the-scenes footage they would not regularly get to see.

Marketing Toolkit 6: Making Your Website Social

You have successfully built your company’s website, you have mastered the ways of Facebook and conquered the dialect of Twitter. Now how can you utilize all three of these to boost your company’s SEO and social visibility?

Marketing Toolkit 5: Dashboard Mania

You have mastered the ways of Facebook and conquered the dialect of Twitter. How can you save time on managing these social media outlets without having to continuously login throughout the day? Three words: social media dashboard.

Marketing Toolkit 4: The Twitter Revolution

You are now the master of all things Facebook and Geo-app related. To add to your social media genius, we have the ins-and-outs on everything Twitter – what it means for your business and you! The social media world is full of check-ins (as you learned from our previous toolkit), cat pictures, and this-is-what-I’m-doing posts. It isn’t a big surprise that Twitter has revolutionized status updates, making them more than just, well, updates.

Marketing Toolkit 3: Incorporating GeoApps for Fans and Event-goers

Now that you know the ins and outs of a Facebook fan page, let your fans check-in at your event and share it with their friends! This toolkit will give you the basics on creating and managing Geoapps so you can incorporate them into that awesome gig or stellar venue.

Marketing ToolKit 2: Using Advanced Facebook Skills to Sell Out Your Event, Quick!

Hopefully you have already seen our introductory Social Media Toolkit, where we presented incredible statistics illustrating the value of social media. Now: get ready for an in-depth look into how to create and manage your account on the king of social media: Facebook.

Marketing Toolkit 1: Intro to Using Social Media to Market Your Venue or Event

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