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2016 Contracts



Mesa, Az. —(December 21st, 2016)—2016 has been a solid year for TicketForce with the company continuing to maintain its high client retention rate of nearly 100 percent year after year – even amid aggressive sales tactics in the crowded ticketing market. The company in January announced the launch of a new Enterprise product powered by Softix, and has focused internal resources on the project, but never lost sight of its primary goal of ensuring current clients have a high level of service and renewing contracts.

In the first three quarters, 18 clients renewed contracts valued at over $1.3M. New business accounted for $750,000 bringing total contract value to $2M in that time. The renewed deals are a broad range of clients. These include Top 100 Billboard Venue, Morris Center for the Arts, and arts venues Conexus Centre for the Arts, Raue Center for the Arts, Rochester Civic Theater. Major rodeos renewed contracts are Pendleton Roundup, Tucson Rodeo, and Prescott Rodeo; new historic theatres include Egyptian Theatre (IL) and Rialto Theatre (CO). Universities consist of Belcher Center (LeTourneau University) and University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire); casinos Snoqualmie and Cher-Ae-Heights was also renewed. Mixed use venues include Hobart Arena, Calvert Marine Museum, Corn Palace, and sports entertainment giant WWE/NXT.

Long time client, Celebrity Theatre General Manager, Alycia Klein, describes her relationship with TicketForce: “I really did have to kiss a lot of frogs before I found I found my prince in regards to box office software. I would either find a company that the reports were great and promoter and our CPS would love, but the box office had to take 20 steps to sell a simple ticket for cash or vice versa. TicketForce is really the best of both worlds. I have been with Celebrity for over 25 years now and TicketForce has been there for close to half of them!”

“The ability to service clients in multiple markets has allowed TicketForce to become a leader in ticketing – while some are limited to service specific types of venues, our diversity brings us more expert knowledge and experience across markets, and allows our company to grow and remain strong year after year," says CEO Lynne King Smith.

TicketForce’s success comes from providing technology that works, with the highest level support and service that due to the company’s unique position in the market. Different from just providing ticketing software, TicketForce staff members have been involved or are currently involved in the operation of the TicketForce.com ticketing agency, and are situated in the office with operational staff. This brings the team and understanding of the complexities and issues their clients face every day.

About TicketForce

Founded in the Phoenix, Arizona area in 2003, TicketForce has developed significantly from its ticketing roots into an iconic national company. TicketForce provides market leading ticketing, digital marketing and event solutions for entertainment venues and events in the United States and Canada. Since its inception, TicketForce has served over 1000 clients, with 125 in long term contracts, and maintains a 99% client retention rate.

The TicketForce Enterprise Platform, launched in 2016, is a multi-channel ticketing powerhouse that provides larger venues with unprecedented technology, including Invite a Friend™, Full House, and PowerWeb Mobile.

CEO and founder Lynne King Smith has received the Most Influential Women in Arizona Business award from Arizona Business Magazine and the Most Admired Leaders Award from the Phoenix Business Journal.

Her leadership at TicketForce, with a focus on positive company culture, has resulted in being voted one of the Best Places to Work in Arizona two years in a row. With that, and a low turnover rate, 70% of staff is at 5 years or more of employment.

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