If your organization is on social media, we're going to take a guess that you probably have a Google+ page. You probably also only have it because everyone says, "You must have a presence on Google+!" Well, things have changed and it may be time to reevaluate your strategy. 

Today, Vic Gundotra resigned from Google after eight years with the company. As you may know, one of Gundotra's main responsibilities as Senior Vice President of Social was Google+. 

In light of Gundotra leaving, many are wondering what will happen with Google+. It has been reported that there are many internals shifts taking place at Google, and that the shift is moving employees away from Google+ and towards Android as a platform.

As can be expected, a Google representative commented regarding these alleged reports. “Today’s news has no impact on our Google+ strategy — we have an incredibly talented team that will continue to build great user experiences across Google+, Hangouts and Photos," said a Google representative. 

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