On Tuesday, Twitter launched its new Facebook-esque profile design. You're probably wondering what all of the fuss about the new layout is – well, we are here to give you the scoop.

For starters, the header photo now stretches across the entire screen at 1,500 pixels wide. If your header photo isn't sized properly, Twitter will automatically resize it. As for the profile picture, it's now much bigger – 404×400 pixels. It has always moved from the middle of the left of the page, slightly overlapping the bottom of the header image. 

In addition to design changes, Twitter has also changed the ways in which tweets can appear. Similar to Facebook's newsfeed, Twitter will now include information about new people you follow among your list of tweets. If you click on "Followers" or "Following", you will notice the information is presented in a Pinterest-like way, rather than the traditional list.

Another exciting change is how you can customize the way your tweets appear when people visit your profile.An additional similarity to Facebook is how you can "pin" a tweet. Pinning a tweet means that it will appear at the top of your page, regardless of how many tweets you share after it.

If you're concerned about engagement on your page, the "best tweets" feature will put a smile on your face. Your most popular tweets – the ones with the most retweets, favorites and replies – will appear larger than the other tweets on your page. This makes it easy for followers to engage with your top content.

Lastly, we want to discuss the new "filtered tweets" option. When a person visits your page, they can now select the types of tweets they want to see. Visitors can now filter tweets to see only ones with photos, videos or replies. If you aren't posting visual content, we hope this update encourages you to do so!

How will you update your Twitter strategy to reflect these new updates? Let us know by sending a tweet to @ticketforce.