In last week’s webinar about email marketing, we talked about how email marketing is one of the most concrete and effective strategies, especially in the world of ticketing. If you’re still not convinced and need some more evidence as to why you should have an online presence, this story from Venues Today should have you convinced.

Does free tickets for a year sound exciting to you? Well, several venues thought so and have been trying out this promotion to increase their fan count on Facebook and boost email subscribers. You’re probably wondering how it’s worked for them. Let’s just say that effective is an understatement – the results are astounding.

All fans have to do to enter is “like” the venue on Facebook and provide their contact information to be added to an email list. Easy, right?

Zack Lloyd, director of marketing for Boardwalk Hall and Atlantic City Convention Center, was on the team that first introduced the concept of ticket giveaways to Global Spectrum at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia in 2012.

When Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia applied this concept, they saw an increase of 22,436 Facebook fans – a whopping 49%! – and Boardwalk Hall gained 2,700 new followers in only five hours – a 27% increase.

Not only is this concept giving venues an impressive increase in social media numbers, it is also making them money. According to Venues Today, “The CRM revolution in email marketing and social media promotions has placed a premium on online follower counts. The more fans that give a venue their email addresses or like their Facebook pages, the more incremental money the team or venue can extract from the market.”

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