Should your ticketing company know ticketing?

We often say that we are in the ticketing and live event business while our competitors are just technology companies who have no idea they are in ticketing. They know how to service venues with technology—but they’re not ticketing experts.

Recently a CEO in the industry admitted to the weakness. “Our feeling is that we're a technology company; we just happen to be in the event ticketing space.”

At TicketForce, we don’t just “happen to be” anywhere. We know our market. We know our industry. We know ticketing.

We don’t just sell you software—we sell you a fully-branded ticketing experience with Client Services specialists, marketing and social media webinars, and customer service to help you every step of the way.

Here’s what we offer that our competitors don’t:

1. We use our own software and equipment, just like you. Due to our daily immersion in ticketing operations, we provide insights to solve complex issues from our unique perspective. Every day, we use the same software and equipment that we provide to our clients as we also provide event management to hundreds of venues and promoters across 49 states and Canada.

2. We’re right there with you with onsite training. We’re also one of the only agencies to provide live event support. Providing door sales for festivals and events with onsite support brings a level of knowledge unmatched by other “technology providers” who know little of the live event industry.

3. We have the best customer service in the business. At TicketForce, you get a team of ticketing professionals working with you, every step of the way, and the only every call is answered 24-hour support in the business.

Ready for a ticketing company that doesn't just sell software? Take the tour and see why we’re different.