With CEO Lynne King Smith’s women’s co-working space Thrive to open in 2016 (Gilbert, AZ), TF is committed to promoting and supporting women in business. Our new #WomeninTicketing series will feature articles and recaps from women at TicketForce and in the ticketing and entertainment industry. 
This week's topic is Bizwomen’s #MentoringMonday, an event held simultaneously in 43 markets worldwide. With over 10,000 participants, Mentoring Monday provided ‘Speed mentoring’ to women with around 40 mentors in each market.
We caught up with CEO Lynne King Smith, who was a mentor at #MentoringMonday last week in Phoenix:
“This was my second year to participate in #MentoringMonday – I love the event for the incredible energy in the room! I believe women by nature, love to work in groups and collaborate, so the openness in a speed mentoring format works so well. I’m able to offer help and coaching, but also learn so much from every woman I talk with. Some are new entrepreneurs and others very experienced – but all are there to connect and learn from each other. It’s powerful.”  
TF’s Amanda Pool was also engaged at #MentoringMonday last week in Wichita, Kansas. Amanda’s market focused on the message "We are stronger together," and focused on encouragement from women with years of leadership experience. “They shared their thoughts on work/life balance and encouraged us all to become involved in our communities.”
To view the tweets from the event nationwide, search #MentoringMonday. You can also watch coverage of #MentoringMonday events from around the world.
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CEO Lynne King Smith with her mentor from last year.