Each week, TicketForce brings you the latest news on one of four industries: sports, racing, music and theatre. This week’s #sportswrap features fantasy football.

As the preseason closes its second round of games, thousands of fantasy football drafts will take place all over the world. Fantasy football has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years. Last year an estimated 25.5 million people owned a fantasy football team. The number is expected to be even larger this season. According to Forbes, fantasy football is a $1 billion plus industry.

Fantasy football players have countless options on how to host their league. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NFL.com and Yahoo all have their own versions of fantasy football leagues on both a desktop and mobile platform. It’s conservatively estimated that the average team owner will spend at least an hour a week managing or tweaking their rosters. Many restaurants and bars are getting involved, even hosting draft parties. Buffalo Wild Wings is one such place, and they expect to see significant financial gains during the season.

It’s not too late to get into fantasy football. This year, most of the experts agree that you should select running backs and receivers in the early rounds. The quarterback position is deep this year, so it is important to grab the playmaking receivers and backs first first. You can get a good quarterback in the later rounds. Never draft a kicker or defense until the later rounds.

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