Are you looking to ramp up your social media presence? You’re in luck! Today we are going to give you the rundown on how you can take your online presence to a whole new level. According to a recent article, there are several things you should avoid doing when you are creating a social presence for your organization.  We’ve outlined our top five below.

1.     Cut the chatter and get more visual content to post. Tweets and posts that contain more visuals and less copy consistently perform better with audiences. If you have a well-known artist coming to your venue next month, post photos or videos of them and tag them.

2.     Remember that social media channels are places for two-way communication. If you spend too much time talking you will never have time to listen to your audience and engage with them. Instead, aim to start conversations with your audience about upcoming events. Ask which events they are excited for, and engage with them one-on-one about these topics.

3.     With all the freedom to talk and engage regularly with your audience, it’s easy to say something that will offend someone and give you a bad rap. Before you send out a message to your audience, put in your due diligence and make sure that you are not about to create a P.R. fiasco for yourself.

4.     This one should be a no brainer but it’s often overlooked: Don’t ignore your customers! If you consistently receive negative feedback over social media you should put escalation plans in place so that everyone is prepared to handle any problems that arise appropriately.

5.     Don’t lose your humanizing traits once you start posting on social media. These are often the traits that customers appreciate most and can create quality engagement between you and your audience. Don’t become boring – pay attention to your voice and make sure you use the same both in-person and online.

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