As we come into daily contact with more devices, we begin to integrate new technology that makes our lives easier. Companies are starting to examine other everyday devices that we use to see how technology can be used to improve them for the user.

That was the idea Fūz had when it set out to update the 100-year-old technology used in padlocks and developed a Bluetooth keyless lock called Noke (pronounced no-key).

Fūz was conscious of the fact that just about every household probably has some old locks lying around with lost keys and forgotten combinations. So Fūz set out to make a smarter lock.

The Noke unlocks itself using Bluetooth technology to sense when your smartphone is near. Imagine never having to fumble through a dozen different keys on a key ring or guess a combination ever again!

Fūz has considered the everyday functionality of the lock when creating Noke – keeping convenience the main priority. Unlocking the device doesn’t require the user to take their smartphone out of their pocket. Instead, the lock senses a device with unlocking permissions when the individual clicks down on the lock.

Owners can even give full or one-time permission to other people through their Bluetooth devices. This means a friend can borrow your bike without you having to give up a combination, or you could give access to someone to get into your gate to grab something just once. There is even a solution if you forget your phone or your phone is dead.

To learn more about the Noke, click here. If you are interested in helping this product make it to market, you can even donate to the campaign.

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