TV. Radio. E-mail campaigns.

We’re not here to argue that these tried and true approaches to marketing don’t work — in fact, statistics prove they still do.

What we’re here to argue is that you can hold on to the marketing approach that you know works, and gently test the waters of newer, more digital marketing tricks that may strike the right chord with your younger audience groups.

At TicketForce we’re all about building your tribe. But you can’t build your tribe unless you know how to reach them.

So keep on doing what you know works, and keep up with the TicketForce blog’s new series to make sure you’re not missing out on something that could work even better.

Our blog series, Marketing to Your Millennial Audience, will cover the basics of how to use a more modern marketing approach to engage your audience, and ultimately—sell more tickets.

We’ll include how-to’s and tips for using the following platforms to advertise and promote your events:

YouTube: Behind the Scenes and Promotional Videos
Instagram: Videos
Texting Campaigns
Pinterest Boards
Snapchat Marketing
LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Ads

The series will post over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.