The TicketForce team is delighted to feature Canton Palace Theatre as this week’s client spotlight. Canton Palace Theatre has provided venue space for a variety of events in Canton, Ohio dating all the way back to 1926. With a rich history as its foundation, today, the theatre hosts approximately 300 events per year, with total attendance equalling around 100,000.

You can find the theatre’s marquee shining brightly in the Downtown Canton Arts District, serving as a reminder to the community of its memorable past. The theatre was designed by John Eberson, the noted Australian architect living in Chicago at the time, who was known for his ability to create “atmospheric” theatres across the United States.

According to Canton Palace Theatre’s website, “The Palace seeks to re-create a Spanish courtyard on a midsummer night. Its ceiling, a starry night with wisps of clouds, creates a dream effect.” The website also notes that, “the Theatre includes an ornate columned proscenium arch over its stage, an elaborate fly system for the numerous stage curtains and theatrical backdrops, eleven dressing rooms, a chorus room, a musician's lounge, a music room, one shower room, and an orchestra pit with seating for eighteen musicians.”

The theatre boasts the largest movie screen in Canton at 21 feet by 46 feet, and you may also find it interesting that it houses its original Kilgen Pipe Organ. The organ is one of the few left in the country and the only one left that remains in its original home.

Canton Palace Theatre is more than just a theatre; it is a vessel of unique history that still brings the same joy to patrons today. If you would like more information on the theatre, visit its Facebook page, or send a tweet to @CantonPalaceThr.

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