Facebook has recently undergone many updates to its platform to stay competitive with the ever changing world of technology it lives in. Businesses and organizations are well aware of the new restrictions Facebook has placed on business pages in an attempt to control the content users see on their timelines.

“With Pages getting quieted down in the feed, Facebook wants to make its home for businesses less like a newspaper that comes to you and more like TV channels you turn on,” writes Josh Constine from TechCrunch. That is why Facebook’s new update consists of a redesign of the video section of business pages, allowing the page owner to choose a feature video that displays larger than the rest making the whole idea look less like a playlist and more like a YouTube channel.

Facebook’s video integration and modifications began last year with the auto-play feature and then introducing auto-play video ads. With these new advancements, video views increased dramatically. “From May to July, video views per month increased 50%, and Facebook hit 1 billion views per day by September.”

This new update is relevant for ticketing because it will allow you to showcase your organization’s videos in a more respectable looking way, that will better entice your Facebook page visitors to find out more. If you do not already utilize videos to show potential patrons what you have to offer, it is never too late to start! Pages will get the new redesign automatically, is your organization ready for it?

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