If your organization is using Vine to engage with customers, this update is for you. Beginning on December 20, Twitter’s video-sharing service will allow users to create vanity URLs for their profiles.

What is a vanity URL, you ask? A vanity URL is a custom URL that exists to help users find you more easily. Vanity URLs are big for businesses and organizations because they allow you to easily direct people to your account. For example, if TicketForce has a vanity URL on Facebook (which it does, of course!), it’s easy to say, “Like our page by visiting Facebook.com/TicketForce”. This is much easier than saying, “Like our page by visiting Facebook.com/asd185.”

Owners of verified Twitter accounts will be the first to have the option to claim a vanity URL for their Vine profile. On December 23, Vine will allow all other users to do so.

Twitter has also acknowledged that many Vine users will want the same vanity URL as they use on Twitter. To avoid any problems with getting the same one, Twitter will automatically reserve them, suggest them to users, and then give them the option to register it.

Will you create a vanity URL for your organization’s Vine profile? Let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll be sure to check out your page.