Did you miss out on our free social media webinar informing you on all you need to know about Facebook ads? Leave your worries behind – you came to the right spot!

Below are three tips we recommend in order to set up and run a successful Facebook ad:

  1. Target, target, target. Facebook allows you to target a specific audience by location, interests and more. Your events have a specific audience, and you can reach them if you set up your ad properly.
  2. Monitor your ad. Facebook ads offer you something that almost no other advertising outlet does – the ability to track the ad throughout its lifecycle. You can monitor clicks, likes, and much more on a daily basis – take advantage of this!
  3. Test several ads. If you've ever tried print advertising, you know that some ads work better than others. The same goes with Facebook ads – don't just throw one together and assume it will work. Also, don't assume Facebook ads are not effective just because your first ad gives you different results than you were expecting. Experiment with different ad elements until you find what works best for you and your specific audience.

Want to learn more? Click here to view the whole webinar on YouTube. If you have a question about the webinar, or want to recommend a topic to be discussed in the future, send a tweet to @ticketforce!