Super Bowl XLVIII proved that the underdog can indeed come out of a fight victorious. The Seattle Seahawks brought their A-game with a 43-8 win over the favored Denver Broncos, winning their first Super Bowl title ever. In case you missed the game (or fell asleep), here is a quick recap of the big game.

The Seahwaks played crushing defense, only allowing the Broncos 27 rushing yards the entire game, while the Seahawks boasted 135 rushing yards. Stats show that the Broncos have the best offense in the league, but sadly, this talent was not displayed in last night’s game. While it was not a complete blow out, it definitely came close. The Broncos were finally able to put themselves on the board with a 14 yard pass by Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas that led to a meager 8 points in the third quarter. Unfortunately, this was the Broncos best play.

Most called this game uneventful, but the halftime show by Bruno Mars with special guest, Red Hot Chili Peppers, definitely rocked the house. Bruno brought everyone to their feet with a medley of some of his greatest hits and Red Hot Chili Peppers added a shock value to the performance, leaving little to the imagination (no surprise here!)

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