TicketForce is growing, and we think that you should get to our know our awesome team. We'd like to give a warm welcome to our new Executive Assistant, Katy. We are excited to have you!

  1. Full Name: Katy Lynn Truesdell          
  2. Title: Executive Assistant
  3. What brought you to TicketForce: I posted my resume on Career Builder and was invited to interview with TicketForce. I met with Lynne and instantly hit it off. I started the next business day 🙂
  4. What attracted you to the ticketing industry: I love the fast-paced (and fun!) environment. I am lucky to have the chance to work alongside such a successful business woman!
  5. Why TicketForce is a great place to work: Outgoing, Friendly, and Fun staff make it exciting to come to work daily.
  6. Married/Kids/Pets: I have a 16 month old son Wyatt. And a new puppy we call Rudy.
  7. Favorite hobby: Anything outdoors. I love AZ for our beautiful year round weather, even the 3 months with scorching temps, I love to be in the swimming pool!
  8. Random fact about you: I had open heart surgery a year ago in November to remove a tumor! How many 26 year olds can say that? 😉
  9. Place you are dying to visit: Australia. I have always dreamed of going there, and I WILL one day 🙂
  10. Current obsession: exercise, chicken, and lip gloss. Always my son, too. He keeps me on my toes and never a dull moment watching him explore and learn new things!