We are excited to welcome our newest Client Services Representative, Kris, to the TicketForce team! If you have a question for Kris, send a tweet to @ticketforce and we'll be happy to get you an answer.

1. Full Name: Kristopher (Kris) Gallucci

2. Title: Client Services Representative

3. What brought you to TicketForce: The sunshine, being from Oregon we don’t get much sun.    

4. What attracted you to the ticketing industry: The one and only “Mr. Box Office” – John Copeland – of course!  Oh and the free tickets, then I realized I actually had to work the events and still enjoyed it.

5. Why TicketForce is a great place to work: The family atmosphere and opportunity to grow with a great company.

6. Married/Kids/Pets:  With my previous jobs I wasn’t home enough to be able to treat any of them fairly.  Eventually, I am hopeful to have all three.

7. Favorite hobby: Watching sports – especially hockey.

8. Random fact about you: I won my 2nd grade spelling bee and the final word was: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, pretty sure I spelled that wrong back then – there wasn’t the internet like there was today.

9. Place you are dying to visit: Italy

10. Current obsession: Winter Olympics