The TicketForce team strongly believes in the role of social media as a means of success for organizations both on and offline.

Without social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, organizations would not experience the brand awareness and recognition they do. There are a lot of different elements that make up a comprehensive social media strategy. It may surprise you, but something as miniscule as a Twitter cover photo can impact your organization in many ways.

What if we told you that your Twitter cover photo was more than just a pretty image at the top of your Twitter profile? We are not lying when we say that your cover photo (on any social media channel for that matter) is just as important as the content you share. Pay close attention as we discuss four ways your Twitter cover photo can aid in better marketing for your organization:

  1. Business Overview

If you are in the market for just a general cover photo that will show-off your organization, consider including a few buzz words that accurately describe your organization. You don’t want to have paragraphs of text that tell users about your organization, as this would overwhelm Twitter users. Tell people exactly what they can expect from your organization in as few words as possible. Your organization’s mission statement would be a great place to start for inspiration!

  1. Showcase an upcoming event

As an organization that hosts events, it is assumed that you have plenty of upcoming events you want to promote. Your Twitter cover photo is a great tool to take advantage of during this promotion process. Let’s say you have a feature event coming up like a rodeo or a popular music artist – design a special cover photo with all of the event information as a way to further expand event promotion.

  1. Communicate your brand

Every organization is equipped with a brand that is unique to them and their business goals. Communicate yours to Twitter users using your cover photo – think of it as a first impression. The cover photo is the first thing seen by users, so make sure it is impactful. Do not confuse this section with the previous one about business overview; We are talking about the actual design of the cover photo, not just copy. Does the font match with the one your brand uses? Are the colors on track? Pay attention to the little details.

  1. Promote your content

Finally, your cover photo can be used as a way to promote content your organization has developed. If you have created a webinar, white paper or any other pieces of content that you want to draw attention to, utilize your cover photo. Much like promoting an upcoming event, we suggest designing a cover photo unique to your content.

Cover photos are versatile, customizable and hold opportunity to reach new users on Twitter. Implementing these tips will promote an engaging social media strategy and will aid in the success of your organization, especially on Twitter.

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