As technology evolves, the gap between Microsoft and Apple products is shrinking. For users of either platform, this is very exciting news. User preferences are different. We’re sure many of you use one or the other for personal use, but are required to use the opposing platform for another involvement, such as work. No matter where your brand loyalty lies, great strides have been made in favor to integrate the two platforms together.

Recently Microsoft announced new updates of the Office Suite apps for iOS will include the ability for users to save files to the Apple iCloud Drive, a free feature for all iOS users. While it originally only allowed for files to be saved to “One Drive,” Microsoft’s own file storage, the company has now opened this feature to third party file storage services, like iCloud. Right now these updates are only available for iOS users, but similar capabilities will be available to Android and Windows 10 versions of the MS Office Suite and its mobile apps.

This technology advancement is great news for ticketing organizations who use both Microsoft and Apple products, or allow employees to work from their personal devices. The full integration of these platforms is a big step in the right direction. It shows uniformity and will streamline many ticketing processes. Gone are the days of converting X file into a format compatible with Y device. Things just got a whole lot easier.

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