Instagram, a popular photo sharing social media platform, is becoming the new must-have app to have, especially in social media marketing and othe rbusiness ventures. While Facebook was the number one app overall coming out of the year 2013, Instagram took the prize in the “fastest growing app” category among the top ten with a 66% increase! Social media in general has been showing a high growth, rate especially in teenagers, shifting to more single-purpose apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Whisper, just to name a few.

Mobile apps such as these have also encouraged digital users to give their desktop computers a break and spend more time interacting on their mobile devices. With the convenience that a mobile device provides, it is easy to see how this trend in mobile usage has become more popular.

With more and more users jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, now is the time for your organization to implement the social media app into your marketing strategy! Here are some tips on how to use it to sell more tickets to your events:

1) Designate a hashtag for your organization so users can use it in their photos. A hashtag will allow your organization to create an album of sorts, gathering together all of the photos using the hashtag when users click on it.

2) Implement an Instagram contest. A popular type of Instagram contest that has been used by many businesses consists of the user “regramming” a photo as posted by your Instagram account that includes a specific hashtag for their chance to win a grand prize.

3) Keep your Instagram account current, just as you would your Facebook or Twitter page. This app is a perfect way to not only promote your events and other upcoming news, it is also a good way to provide a personal, behind the scenes look into the inner workings of your company.

4)  By promoting ticket sales through Instagram, a whole new market of potential consumers will be opened up to you and your business. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

5) Lastly, don’t forget to cross promote Instagram on your other social outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even put signage in your organization to let fans know they can find you there.

Is your organization on Instagram yet? Send a tweet to @ticketforce or leave a comment below to share how you have used it to increase ticket sales.