Written by Ami Johnson, product specialist at TicketForce

I recently attended the 36th Annual INTIX Conference and Exhibition in Denver, CO along with the TicketForce team. The three-day event included a variety of educational and informative sessions, an exhibition hall and many opportunities for ticketing professionals to network and share ideas and stories. The comprehensive sessions included topics like data and analytics, dynamic pricing, marketing and the digital era of advertising and ticketing.

There was even a session on the many uses of a thermal printer – it’s not just for tickets! Breakout sessions were also held, grouping attendees with similar situations at home, together to brainstorm and network, share ideas and stories, as well as discuss the latest ticketing trends and topics.

Data, analytics and marketing seemed to be the hot points of the event. With sessions like You Have Data, Now What? and The She-Conomy, Are We Marketing To Women? (My personal favorite!) I learned the importance of data, and gathering as much of it as possible from different channels, bringing it together to analyze and using smarter. This helps the venue or organization style competitive pricing, promotions and packages, and assists in effective and memorable marketing. Data driven marketing works – I cried during the She-conomy session when we were shown a commercial geared toward younger women with families’ emotions. Data is a very powerful tool and the more we can get, the better decisions we can make to connect with patrons of our organizations.

The exhibition hall provided an extensive collection of companies in the ticketing world, including vendors for ticketing software, thermal printers and ticket stock, finance and marketing tools, and more.

Overall, whether in the exhibition hall, in a session or networking in the lounge between activities, INTIX was a wonderful experience, I came home with a new wealth of ideas and information and greatly enjoyed the beautiful weather and being around my peers and fellow ticketing pros.

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