This week’s Client Spotlight is dedicated to a non-profit organization that exists to bring the arts and art education to Louisiana, counties in Mississippi and the Gulf Coast. The Jefferson Performing Arts Center, represented by Jefferson Performing Arts Society (better known as JPAS), has called Metairie, Louisiana home since its inception in the late 1970’s. Today, it has earned the reputation of “Louisiana’s Cultural Center.”

Founded in 1978 by Maestro Dennis G. Assaf and Hannah Cunningham, JPAS has reached countless individuals through its incorporation of a variety of artistic performances, programs, and educational trainings into the surrounding community. JPAS has a foundation built solely on three main focuses: performance, training, and outreach. JPAS believes “in the positive power of the arts in the community as a tool for education, expression, cultural understanding and overall improvement of quality of life.” By staying in alignment with these principles, they aim to do just that.

Jefferson Performing Arts Center, which houses Jefferson Performing Arts Society, was originally located within Jefferson Parish. According to its website, “in 1998, JPAS sought and secured $15 million in state funding for a new performing arts venue in Jefferson Parish through the dedicated leadership of State Senators Ken Hollis, the late John Hainkel, John A. Alario, Jr. and Steve Scalise. Groundbreaking of the new Jefferson Performing Arts Center took place in February 2007 at LaSalle Park in Metairie, a location recommended by the efforts of JPAS. Expected completion is fall of 2014.”

The center holds events including a grand opera, musicals, symphonies, choral concerts, Louisiana Renaissance Festivals, ballet and modern dance, and more. For more information about tickets, click here

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