For an organization looking to sell tickets, a website can be your most powerful tool. Websites tell the story of your organization and the homepage is the first impression. In order to promote your events well and sell the most tickets possible, it’s crucial that your website is in tip-top shape.

Read on for a few tips on how to make your homepage memorable, and keep your website visitors coming back.

  1. The homepage should be purposeful. Think of the homepage as an introduction to your entire organization and what you have to offer. As with any other first impression, the homepage should be able to give the visitor a brief synopsis of the entire site, and answer the questions, “What do I do?” and, “What can you (the visitor) do here?” Be sure to showcase big events and make it easy for visitors to make a purchase – no jumping through hoops here!

  2. Include calls to action. A CTA should be extremely visible on the homepage and should inspire the visitor to take an action, whether it be to contact your organization or buy tickets.

  3. Ensure its adaptability across multiple devices. With 2015 upon us, there is a new push towards mobile adaptability. Your website, in general, should be easily usable no matter what device a visitor may be accessing it from – iPhone, iPad or desktop computer.

  4. Eliminate fluff and resonate with your target audience. As we mentioned in tip number one, the homepage should just give a brief synopsis of what your entire website is about. It’s not necessary for there to be an overwhelming amount of copy or extra things that don’t directly relate to the main point of your organization. Leave extraneous details, such as the history of your organization, for other pages on your website.

Above all, your organization must stick to its branding and core values throughout the development process. This is the only way to ensure the look and feel of your website stays true to your brand, despite what other organizations may be doing. It is crucial to keep up with trends, but creating a website that is unrecognizable to your loyal visitors will pull negative results.

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