It is no secret that paid advertisements on Facebook lead to major success for organizations. The importance of this newer advertising strategy is making major gains no matter what industry you might belong to because of the insights Facebook ads expose users to.

Organizations can measure clicks, impressions, reach and can even customize who sees the content it publishes through the custom audience feature. To make life even better for certain global advertisers on Facebook, the social networking site has added offline measurements to the custom audiences advertising tool. This means that these special organizations have access to conversion lift measurements and can look beyond last-click attribution, which is a misconception that can distort who gets credit for a sale. According to TechCrunch, “Even if it doesn’t lead to an immediate sale, an ad can still contribute to the decision-making process, and focusing on that final click can lead marketers to misjudge their success and allocate their resources improperly.”

With this new analyzing tool, organizations can perform studies to find out who saw or did not see an online Facebook ad, and then through the organization’s own conversion data, Facebook can measure the impact of the ad on online and offline sales in the analytics portion of a Facebook page.

Brad Smallwood, vice president of Facebook’s measurement and insights team, said, “What’s really important to the marketers is figuring out what exactly is working, and more importantly what’s not working in their marketing campaign, so they can invest more money in the things that work and they don’t invest in the things that don’t work.” He explained that the end goal of their team is to help advertisers spend their money more wisely when it comes to this sort of online promotion.

Facebook worked with companies Nielsen and Datalogix, which was recently purchased by Oracle, in the past to determine ad effectiveness which led to this type of offline measurement.

What do you think of this new measurement strategy? Would your organization utilize this type of analytic system to determine the effectiveness of your online ads on ticket sales? We want to know your feedback.

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