When you work with clients as great as ours, every day is a reason to celebrate. Here at TicketForce, we are lucky to work with the best of the best. Today we want to take some time to showcase our client Tickets Tonight.

Tickets Tonight is located inside of Tourism Vancouver and graciously sponsored by The Vancouver Sun. This organization is Vancouver’s exclusive same day ticketing outlet, selling tickets to events such as sports and concerts, as well as tickets for theatre, music, dance, and festivals from independent producers throughout the region of Vancouver, Canada.

Located in Tourism Vancouver’s flagship Visitor Centre in downtown, Tickets Tonight is known as Canada’s “Out of the Box-Office Experience.” Tickets Tonight aids Tourism Vancouver in “marketing cultural tourism to visitors as well as locals, providing consumers with access to the amazing variety of performing arts, cultural and sporting events that Vancouver offers and supporting the economic vitality of the cultural sector.”

To learn more about Tickets Tonight, click here to view its website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter at @TicketsTonight.