We are excited to welcome our newest Customer Service Representative, William, to the #bestteaminticketing! William has a passion for the ticketing industry and we are happy to have him join our team. If you have a question for William, send a tweet to @ticketforce and we'll be happy to get you an answer.

1. Full Name: William Robert Frain

2. Title: Call Center / Customer Service

3. What brought you to TicketForce: I started doing On-Sites Events for the company and eventually got hired on to the Call Center.

4. What attracted you to the ticketing industry: My passion is music and I’m interest is learning the business side of the business.

5. Why TicketForce is a great place to work: The people are great and it’s a fun work environment.

6. Married/Kids/Pets: Two Dogs

7. Favorite hobby: Working out and music

8. Random fact about you: In the past year I’ve lost over 70lbs.

9. Place you are dying to visit: Australia

10. Current obsession: Music