Every week, TicketForce brings you news on one of four industries: racing, sports, theatre, or music. This week #RacingWrap wants to get your opinion on the safety of this sport and ask if you think NASCAR is doing enough to protect its drivers.

After the deaths of four of the greats in the early 2000s, a large sum of money was spent on increasing the safety of race tracks, however many argue that it is still not enough. In the year 2000, drivers Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin lost their lives at almost the same exact spot at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in May and July, respectively. Later in October, Tony Roper died during a race at Texas Motor Speedway. Lastly the legendary Dale Earnhardt tragically passed during an accident in the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500,.

The deaths of these individuals deeply affected the racing community and got a lot of people talking about the safety regulations of the racetracks so many fans gather at to engage in one of America’s past times. One popular argument is to install SAFER barriers where there is exposed concrete. These barriers are energy-reducing walls that are made of steel and foam, that some say could have saved the lives of the deceased drivers in the early 2000s.

On the other hand, some argue that NASCAR has taken the necessary steps to ensure the sport is as safe as it has ever been. Two individuals who support this side of the spectrum are drivers Joey Logano and Jimmie Johnson.

"We may look crazy going 200 miles per hour but I would much rather hit the wall at 200 than have a 300-pound linebacker coming at me," said Logano after a visit to the Washington Redskins.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that NASCAR has taken the necessary steps to protect the safety of the sport’s drivers?

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