By now, everyone has heard about Google Glass, but have you heard that Google is also developing smart contact lenses? This may conjure up image of Terminator-esque glowing red eyes but for now that doesn’t seem to be the direction Google is going.

At present the smart contact lenses that Google is developing aims to help those with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels using a thin low power microchip implanted within the contact lens.

The new Google smart contact lens is being developed with Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical company and heralds a new direction for tech giant Google as they enter the digital healthcare market. There are billions of dollars in potentially untapped revenue in this relatively new market making it easy to see why Google would make this decision. It is also a great addition to their growing portfolio of health related technology like the Google fit platform. Check out this article to learn more about the newly announced partnership between Google and Novartis

So what does this mean for the average person? It is likely a sign of more things to come as tech companies follow suit and push technology into new directions aimed to improve users everyday life through digital assistance, making things like diabetes easier to track and manage.

While Google seems to be focusing on the more pharmaceutical side of smart contact lenses that hasn’t stopped many from also talking about integrating things like cameras and other technology into contact lenses. There is even speculation of including a camera-like focus within the contact lens that can help those with poor eyesight see better.

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