According to a recent post on, “Social media is like a professional cocktail hour — a way to connect, share and interact with others beyond the confines of your cubicle.” As a professional navigating the world of social media, each platform should be treated in a professional manner because there is always an opportunity to connect with someone on an elevated level.

In order to improve your networking skills on social media and use the various social outlets to cultivate relationships, it is important to stick to the following tips:

  1. Connect with the authors of the content you love and give them compliments and feedback. Both can go a long way in the mind of the author, making you an automatic standout to them in future endeavors.

  1. Share your thoughts on a particular topic. Become an author yourself and join in on the conversation by generating things that are sharable and easy to discuss.

  1. On Twitter specifically, utilize hashtags and keyword search to find people who are relevant to your field or area of interest. These types of filters will rid your feed of junk content that is useless to your goals and objectives.

  1. To do this same thing on LinkedIn, join relevant groups and seek out enriching conversations that will benefit you by connecting you to the people at the forefront of trending topics in your industry or area of interest.

  1. Upgrade your LinkedIn account to a Premium Account. With this paid account access, you can see who is searching for you. Reaching out to these particular people is an easy way to engage in a potential relationship and connect.

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