We are excited to welcome our newest Sales Executive, Brian, to the #bestteaminticketing! Brian has a passion for the ticketing industry and we are happy to have him join our team. If you have a question for Brian, send a tweet to @ticketforce and we'll be happy to get you an answer.

1. Full Name: Brian Edward Rezotko

2. Title: Sales Executive

3. What brought you to TicketForce: Cab + Plane + Rental Car

4. What attracted you to the ticketing industry: The people! The people directly and indirectly involved in this industry are so interesting, tend to have great stories and have real personalities. You just won’t find people like this in other industries.

5. Why TicketForce is a great place to work:  It’s a fantastic cross section of individual personalities, with a variety of experiences and backgrounds who are calmly confident in the team’s ability. Everyone on the team just seems to know how good they are without having to boast about it or pat themselves on the back. Good stuff!

6. Married/Kids/Pets: No wife / No kids / No pets / No worries

7. Favorite hobby: Leisure activities – I prefer to bet on horses rather than ride them.

8. Random fact about you: I’m a Tennessee Squire and if I’m wearing sunglasses, the exact pair has been worn by James Bond in one of the films.

9. Place you are dying to visit: Europe – specifically England.

10. Current obsession: It never changes…all things related to the Rat Pack.