The San Antonio Spurs, led by what is known as the “Big Three” in the NBA- players Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan – claimed the NBA Championship Title. The “Big Three” had the help of game MVP, Kawhi Leonard, who averaged 17.8 points and 6.4 rebounds in the series, to lead the Spurs to their fifth title in franchise history.

After last year’s disappointment when the Spurs lost the title to the Miami Heat, they sought redemption in an intense rematch, coming out on top with a 104-87 victory over the Heat.

“They didn't just claim this championship; they tore it from Miami's lifeless fingers with three consecutive annihilations to punctuate the loudest, most heartfelt note of this dynasty. It's a dynasty that might not be over, one that may very well have more life left than the one in Miami that the Spurs just demolished,” writes Ken Berger, NBA Insider, of the victory.

Spurs fans everywhere are celebrating as the team closed out a memorable season with not only a league-best record of 62 game wins, but also the title, giving them rights to brag for at least another 365 days.

"You showed the world how beautiful this game is," Commissioner Adam Silver told the Spurs during the postgame award ceremony. After a rough time in the world of basketball with other scandalous issues, his words could not be more true.

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