If you weren’t able to attend our free social media webinar on gaining more exposure for your posts on Facebook, no need to worry! Read on for a quick recap of the key takeaways.

Here are three things to remember before you begin revising your Facebook marketing strategy:

  1. Create content that people will care about. This will agree with both the new Facebook algorithm and the people digesting your content. When a Facebook user comes across a piece of content that they find valuable, they feel more inclined to pay attention to it and share with the people in their own personal network.

  2. Brand your posts through branded graphics. Visual posts are best on Facebook and branding those visuals is better. No matter where your post ends up, readers will relate the visual to your brand. If your posts are branded, it will also create a sense of legitimacy among readers, convincing them your organization is not just another spam-like Facebook account trying to hack their feed and bore them with useless content.

  3. Finally, solidify an objective or goal for each Facebook campaign and always post accordingly. By doing so you will have direction for your content. For example, if your goal is to sell more tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert coming to town, generate content based on that and don’t stray from it! In the end you will gain more exposure and reach more people compared to if you just randomly posted something that was just thrown together. You can never go wrong with a little direction and planning.

Want to learn more? View our recorded webinar on YouTube by clicking here. If you have more questions or would like to recommend a topic for our next webinar, send a tweet to @ticketforce.