Maybe you’re the only person running fundraising and development at your venue, or maybe you have a team of people striving to make that annual goal. Either way, making the donation process easier for patrons should be a high priority.

TicketForce has a few tricks up their sleeves to turn those ticket buyers into donors:

  1. “Make a Donation” landing page with multiple images, descriptions and campaigns to select from.
  2. An “Add a Donation” upsell that appears in all shopping carts, allowing ticket buyers to easily add a gift of any size.
  3. Prompts for box office agents to ask patrons if they want to add a gift to their ticket purchase.
  4. Mobile and tablet friendly donations page, with easy to use options for specifying the amount, donating on behalf of someone, or donating anonymously.

If your venue hosts multiple resident groups, you can still collect donations for each separate organization, while easily collecting data and tracking your funds. That way your theatre, ballet, and symphony can all run on different fundraising tracks, and you can easily keep tabs on all of them.

Data about the patron’s donation history will always appear with data about their membership and past ticketing purchases, keeping all of your donors data in one place, and making it easy to plan for future opportunities.

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