In an effort to highlight more women in the ticketing industry, we’re running a special feature of exemplary women working in the field. This week’s feature is Mae Whyte of Tourism Vancouver.

Whyte has been part of the Tickets Tonight team since February 2010. Her primary role is to set up and maintain shows in Tickets Tonight’s TicketForce platform. It’s also her responsibility to work closely with promoters to ensure smooth and successful ticketing for their shows.

We chose Whyte this week as a leading example of a successful woman in ticketing because of her success in operating the Jon Bon Jovi show, which began selling last weekend. We caught up with Whyte about the strategy she used going into the sales.

“There were a number of strategies in place leading up to the presale and public sales. . . both in terms of inventory management and operations,” explains Whyte. “This event has been in the planning stages for over a year, so we’ve had time to iron out most of the details.”

In the opening presales, they passed their previous sales record, and have already sold 1/3 of the house in the first two days of the public sale, making this Tickets Tonight’s largest event to date.

Whyte attributes the show’s success to the teamwork at Tickets Tonight. “We all work together. . . from the staff on the front line to the team of three in our administrative office at Tourism Vancouver."

She also explains her management style as being one of involvement and support. “Our collaborative approach is the cornerstone of our success, and I support that with a direct, hands-on approach and shared distribution of tasks.”

We look forward to seeing where Whyte’s career takes her in the future.