We are excited to welcome our new Director of Client Services, Amanda, to the TicketForce team. Amanda has extensive experience in the ticketing industry and we are happy to have her join the #bestteaminticketing. If you have a question for Amanda, send a tweet to@ticketforce and we'll be happy to get you an answer.

1. Full Name: Amanda Pool

2. Title: Director of Client Services

3. What brought you to TicketForce: I reached out to Lynne and Brad over a year ago and was fortunate enough to become a part of their team.

4. What attracted you to the ticketing industry: I’ve been involved in ticketing for nearly 9 years. It’s exciting, fast paced and I love to meet new people!

5. Why TicketForce is a great place to work: They are an innovative and growing company with a fun, family atmosphere.

6. Married/Kids/Pets: I’ve been married for nearly 12 years and we have two incredible boys. Jackson a/k/a Boogie is 5 years old and Roman a/k/a Moose is 3. We don’t have pets at the moment but plan on two Corgi’s in the near future. I hope to name them Tango and Cash!

7. Favorite hobby: Cooking and of course eating!

8. Random fact about you: I can’t keep a plant alive, not even a cactus. My thumbs are far from green.

9. Place you are dying to visit: The Great Wall of China

10. Current obsession: Preparing Cajun and Creole dishes