Each week TicketForce brings you an update on all things music, racing, theatre, and sports. This week’s #SportsWrap unpacks all that makes up March Madness in the world of collegiate basketball.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, otherwise known as the NCAA, is made up of 1300 colleges and universities, and has a tournament each year that will determine the national champions of college basketball. This tournament sends its dedicated fans into quite a frenzy each year, thus it is nicknamed “March Madness,” and rightfully so.

Selection Sunday, the biggest day in college basketball, will take place this year on March 16th. A selection committee will sit down and decide which 66 teams are worthy enough to play in this highly coveted tournament. It is on Selection Sunday that the teams will find out if they are invited to play and where they are seeded. Winners of respective conferences receive an automatic invite, rewarding them for their hard work during the season.

Kansas, Syracuse, Florida and Wichita State are predicted to be the four No.1 seeds. What are your predictions for this year’s March Madness tournament? Send us a tweet to @ticketforce and engage in the conversation!