Marketing relies heavily on social media as a means of promotion, engagement and brand awareness. Marketers everywhere strive daily to craft the perfect Facebook post and boost their business to the top, but is there an exact formula for success?

In reality, there is no sure-fire way to reach thousands of people on Facebook with a single post because social media marketing is subjective and depends on the business or organization, industry and audience, among other factors. We can’t give you the magic recipe for Facebook success, however there are a few strategies when posting that have significantly improved results:

  1. Engage with visuals like photos and video – People respond better to visuals that are eye-catching and engaging like photos and video. Content is important too, but pictures really are worth a thousand words. This is a perfect way to showcase an upcoming concert event at your venue. Include a photo of the guest with details like date, time, location, etc. included in the design. Where possible, use branded visuals to tell your story. Not only will this give you the potential to reach more people, but visuals also encourage shareability, which will exponentially increase your exposure.

  1. Include a call-to-action – A call-to-action tells your audience what your goal for them is after they read your post and how you want them to follow through. Whether it is to “subscribe now,” “click here,” or “share your opinion,” call-to-actions take your post to the next level and will begin to cultivate a relationship between an audience and an organization. Call-to-actions can be in the form of a question, fill-in-the-bank statement, A, B, or C options or photo captions, just to name a few. It is impossible to sell tickets without a call-to-action. The next time you are doing a push on social media for something pertaining to your organization, include a link to your ticketing site so your fans and followers can buy tickets or find out more information.

  1. Use concise language with a clear direction – Your posts should always have an objective and it is best if it is clear and concise. Posts with fewer characters, around 40 to 70, gain more engagement than posts with an overwhelming amount of copy. It wouldn’t be necessary to write a Facebook post that resembles a novel. Your fans and followers will likely scroll by your post instead of taking the time to read what you have to say.

Keep these tips in mind when drafting your future Facebook posts and don’t forget to analyze your results!

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