StubHub and Ticketmaster’s Debate Over Ticket Ownership
Back in March, StubHub—an online marketplace owned by Ebay—filed a lawsuit against the Golden State Warriors and Ticketmaster. The accusations surround the former’s claim that Ticketmaster is violating U.S. antitrust laws by suppressing competition in the secondary ticketing market.

The question raised is a valuable one: who owns a ticket? Does a “die-hard” fan and buyer who has purchased a ticket have the right to resell the ticket at their own profit? Are secondary ticketing markets allowed a share in the profits of a resale? Season ticket holders are selling tickets to casual buyers through these secondary markets often at a lower price than the higher priced individual market offered through Ticketmaster. The aim is clear: the Warriors wants to reward die-hard fans by offering a lower cost, season ticket, and makes a larger profit selling a higher-cost, one-time ticket to the casual fans.

If the case goes to trial, it will be the first time a federal court makes a verdict on what constitutes ownership of a ticket and whether season ticket holders have a right to resell their tickets on StubHub.

Crowdfunding a Concert Venue
A 750-seat concert venue in Appleton, Wisconsin is making headlines this week for their unconventional funding methods. The Timber Mill is seeking to raise the $2 million needed to complete the theater through crowdfunding, where individual investors make contributions online.

The crowdfunding project launched yesterday with a concert held at RiverHealth, an apartment development in Appleton, to promote the start of funding. If they succeed, the venue will be the first in Wisconsin to be funded through crowdfunding—one of the only states that allows crowdfunding for real estate projects.

IAM Special #Womeninthearts Issue
Because we ardently follow the International Arts Manager and their campaign for #womeninthearts, we’re taking a minute to announce their next issue, which will focus on highlighting accomplishments and profiles of women in the arts. If you’re not already subscribed to IAM, you can save 25% on a print or digital subscription with the coupon code IAMWomen. Subscribe here and you’ll be in time receive this special issue.