The holiday season is officially here and that means a busy time for everyone – especially marketers and business owners. The holiday season is the perfect time to use well-crafted email campaigns to reach new leads and reconnect with old ones. According to, “it is predicted that click-through rates for emails sent during the five-day shopping period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday will be 10 percent higher than the same period last year.”

Check out this list of six ways to improve the success of your email campaigns so that you can reach the largest audience possible and sell more tickets:

  1. Segment your email lists by type of event. Always make sure that the topics you are addressing are relevant to the right ticket buyers. Let’s say you have a basketball event and a showing of The Nutcracker; the people who would attend the basketball event probably wouldn’t be interested in ballet, so double check that you are not sending emails about The Nutcracker to them.

  2. Maximize seasonal subscribers through engagement and response to their activity. If you get notification every time someone purchases a ticket, don’t forget to reach out to theto not only thank them, but also remind them of similar upcoming events. By following up, you can create a lasting relationship with a repeat customer.

  3. Avoid the spam list by making the “unsubscribe” button more noticeable. When sending emails including a lot of deals and discounts (this especially happens during the holidays), it is easy for these to find the spam folder. Also be cautious of subject lines – avoid all caps and words such as "free."

  4. Test your holiday email-campaigns through A/B testing to ensure your emails are being well-received. Feel free to change different aspects to your message in order to improve click-through rates.

  5. Stay consistent! Although developing creative content for the holidays is important, don’t stray too far away from your foundational branding. You wouldn’t want your ticket buyers to not recognize your organization under extra fluff, would you?

  6. Don’t build from external sources or across business channels. Building email lists organically and with permission in order to avoid damages later. If you have different events around the holidays, it would be a great time to collect emails in order to build on your lists.

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