We’re here live at TicketForce’s 3rd annual Client Conference — known to the TicketForce Team as FaceTime. It’s a sunny day at the Saguaro in Scottsdale, where TicketForce clients have come for a full day to connect with one another and the #BestTeamInTicketing

After a quick networking breakfast and “How do you do’s,” we jumped right in with an introduction to the TicketForce Team and an overview of where the ticketing industry is at. CEO Lynne King Smith spoke of her growth plan and hinted at some new features that will be coming soon!

After introductions, Kara Osburn from Tempe Center from the Arts took the stage to share their “Client Success Story.” Her excitement at the new membership capabilities introduced by TicketForce in the last year was infectious and started a lively discussion about the new flexibility being offered exclusively by TicketForce. TicketForce created a customized membership solution for Tempe Center back in 2007 to accommodate the needs of one of their clients, who needed to offer a Flex Pass to patrons — groups of prepaid tickets that can be “cashed in” for any number of seats to any performance. This customization lets members prepay for however many tickets they choose for a season, then reserve their seats for any show at any time, at no extra cost and with no additional processing fees! 

As the customization is now available to anyone that’s using the TicketForce system, we talked about the scope of which it could be used — extending beyond memberships to offer prepaid parking, other shows, and more. 

CEO Lynne King Smith then gave us a great presentation about “Plugging In” and using new technologies that will help you sell more tickets and create an engaging event experience.

“Is anyone using a mobile app?” she asked, as a small number of hands came up. “I guarantee you will be seeing this more in the future — push notifications paired with geo-fencing mean that you can now send alerts right to your patron’s phones when they’re in your vicinity.”

“Ping them to come to a show, buy a last minute ticket, prepay for parking — the possibilities are endless,” she said.

She then went over the importance of optimizing all communication for mobile, making use of BUY TICKETS buttons instead of links — which hopefully take them directly to your responsively designed ticketing site, allowing them to complete the purchase on mobile with no loss of functionality. 

Next up are our expert panelists: Kosha Irby from WWE/NXT, Kelly Murphy from Phoenix Convention Center & Venues, and Heidi Robinson from NAU

We’re talking about how to get more butts in seats, with creative ways to fill the house with engaged fans. All of our panelists have unique advice for us to think about, and as Kosha said, “Stop thinking fishbowls and start thinking pixels!”

Speaking of pixels, TicketForce Product Specialist Ami Johnson just announced that by the end of the year we’re released a new update that will allow you to put in third party tracking pixels into your ticketing site, so you can track who your audience is and where they’re coming from. 

Retargeting ads are another important part of event marketing. Both marketing experts on our panel explained the importance of using these ads — and how easy it makes it to target people based on their interests and search history. As Kelly Murphy said, “Thank you for browsing!” 

They explain that the next upcoming social network is going to be Instagram, for check ins and integration with Facebook — and it can be a great way to offer deals on tickets. “Reward your influencers for promoting your events on Instagram,” said Kosha, explaining how influencers can have a big impact on ticket sales. “Find your influencers and let them take over your feed — local celebrities or a news anchor or somebody with a tie to your product,” he said. 

We’re off for a venue tour at the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix. We’ll be back in the afternoon for more updates from the conference — or you can follow our live stream #FaceTime15