We had a great time touring the Herberger Theater Center with CEO Mark Mettes. A tour of both theaters, backstage areas, and the sneak peak into a rehearsal of their lunchtime theater (get tickets here!) was informative and fun, so thank you to Herberger for welcoming our conference attendees!

CEO Lynne King Smith is giving our clients a sneak peak at our new digital marketing solution. We’re so excited to offer this new feature — which includes features like email marketing, marketing automation, social media tools, google search, retargeting ads and google analytics.

What does our new marketing solution look like? Our email marketing services will include targeting, responsive design, event emails and post-event surveys. To increase sales, we’re implementing features to drive ticket sales & communicate effectively with your audience, as well as improve awareness of upcoming events. As marketing is nothing without effective tracking, our marketing solution will offer results and analytics for tracking your ticket buyers. 

At TicketForce we allow tracking on your ticketing site, so it’s easy to track a user’s activity on your site, and target users that spent time on your site without buying, or users that left tickets in their cart without completing the purchase. Tests showed that emails being sent to this type of user increased open and click rates, and in many cases ultimately led to the patron completing the sale. This data can also be used to target users with banner ads or sidebar ads as they spend time on other websites.

We’re going to be unveiling our complete marketing solution after the New Year and updating our site with more details, so stay tuned!

After the quick talk about our marketing solution, we broke into groups by job roles — our Client Conference is a great way to network, and share ideas, problems and solutions with one another. We love the collective brain power that happens here, and having a safe space to bounce ideas off one another is one of the best parts of today. In our lively Marketing group we touched on venue apps — their value, costs and benefits — as well as geofencing and push notifications. 

Next up we welcomed closing speaker James Grant from StringCan Interactive, a digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona. James was excited to talk to us about digital marketing, and how to reach your online audience through online platforms.

We know that digital marketing can be overwhelming. “There are millions of ways to connect with your customer, and they all offer something of value,” says James.

He suggested starting simple. “In a box of 64 crayons it can be confusing to know which color to start with. Master one, start simple, add one, two or three, and then see where you should go from there.” Also important is “ditching the desk and joining the crowd.” His challenge was to go visit other venues and events, and keep a list of what was interesting and well-executed, so that you can come back to your own event or venue with fresh eyes. If nothing else, “digitally visit” other venues, to see what they’re doing with their own digital marketing.

He also talked about the different motives that get people into your venue, and that understanding and marketing to those different motives will help you get more butts in seats.

James kept us all entertained with stories about the way patrons use social media platforms before, during and after events. He talked about “how to insert yourself naturally and organically into the digital space.”

“You live in a space [events] with highly visual content. Create it, optimize it for local searches, and select which digital platforms that you have the energy, understanding, and manpower to execute.” 

His last bit of advice was the “direct the engagement you desire.” We know what we want our audience to do and when we want them to do it. “Guide them to engage when and where you want by visibly posting your event hashtag, social networks and username.”

Thank you, James!

Our final hour was an open Q&A session covering any technology or software questions that our clients had. Product Specialist Ami Johnson made sure that everyone was prepared for the next software update, and we followed up by giving everyone 1-on-1 time with their Client Consultant.

We finished off with a happy hour and taco bar on the terrace at the Saguaro. We found we were already excited about next year’s conference and finding opportunities to continue to network with one another. 

To all of those who participated in this year’s Client Conference, we appreciate your participation, dedication to your industry, and eagerness to engage. We hope to see you back next year at #FaceTime