Every other month, we present a free webinar where we teach you how to effectively use a certain marketing tactic for your organization. This month, we are going to teach you how to use social media contests to create buzz for your organization, engage your fans and ultimately help you sell more tickets.

This month's webinar will take place on Thursday, October 24 at 11 a.m. MST. For those of you in different time zones, the webinar will take place at the following times: 

-11 a.m. PST
-1 p.m. CST
-2 p.m. EST 

Register now to learn how to:

  • Create an engaging contest for your fans
  • Choose the best app for running your contest
  • Promote your contest to potential customers
  • And much more!

Have a question about our upcoming webinar? Send a tweet to @ticketforce and we will be happy to answer it for you. We look forward to seeing you there!