The Los Angeles Dodgers are set to face off against the St. Louis Cardinals in the NCLS game today, kicking off the quest for the World Series title.

Both teams are stacked with talent, however, the Dodgers have the largest payroll in the National League with around $200 million collectively in salaries, $100 million more than the Cardinals. The Dodgers have been referred to as “the West Coast Yankees,” as the Yankees also have a steep salary budget. Although the Yankees have spent more than any other team in the last 13 years, they have only one World Series title to boast.

The Dodgers may have the budget to win, but are their star players enough to gain the title? While the Dodgers are aiming for their first championship since 1988, their opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals are on the path towards their second in just three seasons.

While the Cardinals may not have the same budget, they definitely have their share of star athletes as well. According to Jon Paul Marosi from Fox Sports, the Cards are “known for running up pitch counts, wearing down starters and chewing through middle relievers.”

This is sure to be an interesting series! Who do you think will win the NCLS? Leave us a comment below or send a tweet to @ticketforce with the hashtag #SportsWrap and let us know your thoughts.