When you work with clients as great as ours, every day is a reason to celebrate. At TicketForce, we are lucky to work with the best of the best. Today we want to take some time to showcase our client, Tampa Theatre.

Upon opening in 1926, the theatre gained massive popularity as one of the country’s most elaborate movie places. Its atmosphere and opulence created somewhat of a fantasyland for all to enjoy. Movie goers could escape reality for a few hours and get treated like royalty. The theatre’s success led it to serve more than 90 million Americans each week.

After some hardship in the 1960s, Tampa Theatre was salvaged by the community and is now treasured as a historic landmark. Today, the theatre is managed by the Tampa Theatre Foundation and serves as a successful model of how to change the fate of an endangered theatre.

Tampa Theatre hosts around 600 events per year including concerts, shows, corporate events, and much more. It is a member of League of Historic American Theatres and Art House Convergence.

To learn more about Tampa Theatre, click here to visit its website. You can also connect with them on Facebook or by sending a tweet to @tampatheatre.