Every week, TicketForce brings you news on one of four industries: racing, sports, theatre, or music. This week’s #MusicWrap shares details about the long awaited announcement of the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show performer.

The Super Bowl is one sporting event that year after year excites sports fans and creates buzz for many months to come. Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of the event, aside from finding out which two teams will battle it out for the ultimate football victory, is who will rock the house during halftime. This year, pop sensation Katy Perry, who was in the running alongside Coldplay and Rihanna, is booked to perform during halftime.

There has been some controversy over the “Pay to Play” concept from NFL officials, but in a recent interview, Perry said, “We have had some conversations, and I would be honored, of course. But I have let them know that I'm not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl. The ball is in their field." Despite the unpopularity of the plan, it seems as though things have been worked out in her favor as she will be traveling to Arizona to entertain the millions of people who watch the show.

For more information about this new development, click here to view the full story from Rolling Stone.

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