Today, we would like to acknowledge TicketForce client, Rochester Civic Theatre, on its recent website makeover. For any business, it is important to keep up with the times and constantly stay up to date – Rochester Civic Theatre has done an outstanding job at doing just that!

After comments from patrons not being able to find what they were looking for, Mari Imaizumi, marketing manager at Rochester Civic Theatre, decided the theatre’s website needed an overhaul. Imaizumi had heard about a local web developing, marketing and social media consulting firm who was giving away a grant to three businesses that they felt deserved some help with a new website.

Imaizumi submitted an application on behalf of Rochester Civic Theatre, and was fortunate enough to be one of the CWS Care Grant recipients. This grant gave Rochester Civic Theatre the means to finally update its outdated website.

As a vibrant company that encompasses much more than just “theatre,” the Rochester Civic Theatre team wanted a website that conveyed that. The new site is now much more inviting and does an excellent job at showing the public that the theatre is an active source of entertainment.

When visiting Rochester Civic Theatre’s new website, visitors will first notice the completely new design. Imaizumi recognized that the theatre’s customers were mostly looking to buy tickets, donate and view an upcoming events calendar. These elements are now icons that they made sure to make as visible as possible during the design and production process.

In addition, to stay consistent with the theme of “keeping up with the times,” a mobile version of the website was also created.  It is cohesive with the new site and gives users the option to view the full website as well. Although the site does not currently include mobile or Facebook ticketing features, it is something that they would like to pursue in the future.

Overall, the Rochester Civic Theatre’s new and improved website will help any customer find what they are looking for with ease and simplicity. The new design superbly conveys the theatre’s current image and will be a prominent driving force in enticing people to visit the theatre and take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Be sure to check out the new and improved Rochester Civic Theatre’s website by clicking here. Also, click here to “like” the theatre on Facebook and stay in the know about upcoming events.