Each week, TicketForce brings you the latest news on one of four industries: racing, sports, music or theatre. This week’s #sportswrap features a legend, an underdog and a ring. Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez are set to fight Saturday, September 14th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for what is said to be a record-breaking audience.

Boxing fans have been waiting for this day to see the legend, Mayweather, and the underdog, Alvarez, duke it out and finally settle the “who will win” banter that has everyone talking. According to promoters, all tickets were sold out within 24 hours at the box office, giving even celebrities a hard time finding an in to this prized fight. What makes it so exciting is the fact that the outcome is a toss-up. Something that sets this fight apart from others is that there are fans rooting for each party – typically fights such as this one are one-sided.

Floyd Mayweather fans describe him as a relaxed fighter, who will win because of his “speed and experience.” Those loyal to Canelo Alvarez say he has the upper hand because he is “talented, young, strong, and dangerous.” One factor playing into the mystery of this outcome is the 13-year age gap between the two contenders, however, Mayweather does not seemed to be phased by this.

Both fighters have been training hard in anticipation for a challenging show this weekend. If you did not get a ticket, be sure to tune in to pay-per-view and get ready for an exciting night!

Which fighter do you think will be the ultimate champion, the legend or the rookie? Leave us a comment or send a tweet to @ticketforce with your prediction.